Friday 5 April 2013

Seabird cameo

Heysham Obs
Just 30 mins today and half of that was watching what was happening to  the waders south of Ocean Edge.  The 15 mins watching the sea were much better than of late!  A group of 3 Gannet and 9 Kittiwake headed in and when they reached level with Black Combe, the Kitts started to climb.  The Gannets followed them, then thought better of it (never seen any 'overland' when reaching the inner bay, unlike other species) and head out of the Bay, still quite high then swung in the direction of Cockersands.  The Kittiwakes continued to climb.  Then a close dark morph Arctic Skua headed slowly into the north-east wind until lost from sight towards the stone jetty.  Good to see a summer visitor which is perhaps a little earlier than usual!

North wall 0900-0915
Arctic Skua - dark morph 'in' at 0913hrs
Gannet - three u-turning as above
Kittiwake - flock of 9 'in' and gaining height
Twite - 19
Linnet - 1
Meadow Pipit - 9 N in 15 mins

Ocean Edge/Red Nab
Dunlin - 2,600
Knot - 2,700
Bar-tailed Godwit - 870
Wigeon - 4
Mallard - 2
Black-headed Gull - 246