Monday 5 October 2020

YBW with pictures, plus nice moths

 Westerly strong breeze, sunny in the morning overcast later in the afternoon.

Heysham Nature Reserve
Report from Jean 07:40 -10:40 (n.b. Current restrictions still prevent ringing on the reserve)

Grounded migrants

Yellow-browed Warbler - 1 near the marsh

Stonechat - 1 female which flew into the Tank Farm

Chiffchaff - 6

Blackcap - 1

Goldcrest - 3

Coal Tit - 3

Blackbird - 30

Song Thrush - 40

Robin - 7 'ticking' and 10 singing

Bullfinch - 6

Diurnal migrants

Chaffinch - 40 south

Bullfinch - 8 south

alba wagtail - 11 SE

Meadow Pipit - 4 SE

Skylark - 2+ south

Dunnock - 2 south

Carrion Crow - 9 south

There were several tit flocks consisting mainly of Long-tailed Tits with a few hangers-on Blue, Great and Coal Tits and the odd Chiffchaff. The largest flock of Long-tailed Tits was 12 and the remaining 14 or so were in 4 smaller flocks.

Old Heliport wall - high water roost 


SR23865/orange PJU

Ringed: Ainsdale 24/7/20

Read in field: Heysham heliport 5/10/20

Jean Roberts/Pete Marsh 

Middleton Nature Reserve
Report from Alan:

Very little overhead movement this morning and the same goes for grounded birds. It was very clear so moving passerines would have been hard to spot and nothing was heard (by my ears that don't work at high frequency any more).

Blackbird - 6 SE

Jackdaw - 13 S

Carrion Crow - 5+2+4 S

Thrush sp. - 7SE far to the east of the reserve

Ringing: very poor catch again today, not counting the Tit species trapped on both sides of the road.

Wren - 1

Chiffchaff - 1

Goldcrest - 4

Reed Bunting - 3

Long tailed Tit - 4 + 9 retraps

Blue tit - 7 +1 retrap

Great Tit - 4

Another good session and excellent pictures from Dan H

Heysham Head 0750-1030 today


Pink-footed Goose 133 S

Skylark 56 E plus others heard but not seen

Meadow Pipit 14 E

Chaffinch 9 NE

redpoll sp 3E

Reed Bunting 2 E

Rock Pipit 2 E

Pair of Raven patrolled the shoreline then went E. Flying around HNR in the evening.

Meadow Pipit 10

Coal Tit 6

Song Thrush 5

Goldcrest 4

Reed Bunting 3

Rock Pipit 3

Chiffchaff 1

Nuthatch 1 - not quite annual in the recording area

Stonechat 1 m

Smithy Wood 1030-1130

Blackbird 14

Song Thrush 8

A nice shot of a Song Thrush

Goldcrest ‎5

Coal Tit 5

Chiffchaff 1

Reed Bunting 1

Heysham Nature Reserve ‎1145-1300


Meadow Pipit 6 SE

redpoll ‎ sp 3 E

Siskin 2 S

Coal Tit 7

Chiffchaff 2

Yellow-browed Warbler 1

The YBW is on this one, you will have to open the picture to be able to find it. 
I'll post this picture again tomorrow with the bird circled.

Low water channels (PM)
SCAUP - drake Scaup and two brown ducks prob juv Scaup Kent channel v distant but clear vis
Eider - 66
GCGrebe - 17

This Herald moth was on Heysham Nature Reserve
Picture by Janet.

This beautiful autumn moth was in Kevins trap this morning
Merveille du Jour.
Not common in the Heysham area.