Thursday, 1 April 2010

Good maritime morning

North Harbour Wall
Decided to emulate the Fleetwood birders and get to the watchpoint for dawn to do some pre-work sea-watching.  It was well worth the early start.
Nothing much until 0710 then the following:
Red-throated Diver - 36 (including a flock of 16) heading generally north, some spiralling up to quite a height. Fantastic sight in the early morning sun.
Kittiwake - 295 in flocks of about 30 to 35, largest flock 55.  Many probably missed if they were further out. 
Gannet - at least 40.  Largest flock = 10.  There were many probables wheeling about way out near the wind turbines.
Possible skua, again way out near the turbines.  Only the jizz suggested a skua as it was a larger and very dark bird persistently harrassing a smaller bird.
Eider 11 flew into the Bay.