Wednesday 26 January 2022

All the key birds seen today

SW wind mainly overcast, but with a few welcome sunny periods.

South Shore 
Kingfisher 1 on Red Nab ref Janet
Today's bird evaded photography, this is Kevin's shot of yesterday's bird
Wigeon - Janet took these shots of them arriving at Red Nab on the rising tide:

Some of today's Wigeon

Shag 1 juvenile in the harbour - ref Pete

North Shore
Pale-bellied Brent Goose 53 - there were 16 out from the play area as I walked out to the skear (MD). A further 35 flew in at 10:30 and an additional 2 remained in the SE skear corner. Later in the afternoon, Janet took these shots as they were preparing to move off.

Brent leaving the children's play area towards the south side

Heysham skear (MD)
Eider - c60 were well scattered today, many with accompanying gulls. I noted that it was mainly the immature, and therefore less experienced, birds that had a gull waiting for an opportunity to pinch their meal. Or, perhaps it was because the adults had things other than feeding in mind. There are two adult male and females in this clip, the second male appeared to prefer the other male's mate, but she was having none of it!

Great Crested grebe 2
Waders - mainly Oystercatcher, with Knot c1,500, Redshank c50, plus several each, Turnstone, Curlew and Dunlin. I can empathise with this Dunlin, finding a channel to be deeper than expected, I've been there so many times (including the walking away, pretending it never really happened!)

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just a brief check on the way home, I had been thinking that the wildfowl numbers were diminishing, but there was an increase today.
Mute and Moorhen unchanged 
Gadwall 39 (20 on main pond)
Mallard 15
Wigeon 2 (pair)
Tufted Duck 2 male
Shoveler 2 - 1 male in breeding plumage plus one in only partial breeding plumage 

Although it was only a quick lunchtime visit, there was more corvid activity than typical:
Jackdaw 15 together
Carrion Crow 2 chasing off a.....
Raven 1

Just out of the recording area: 
Pete managed both the lamppost Mediterranean gull and the Sandylands Black Redstart