Monday, 28 September 2020

Winter thrushes start to arrive

 Very light breeze starting from the south then working through more or less all points of the compass. Leaden skies started high then got lower during the day resulting in fine drizzle then rain by evening.

Excellent coverage today from DH, KE, JR, PM and MD - a particularly thorough and comprehensive check by Dan.

Heysham Head 0650-0900


Coal Tit 9 restless flock

Blackbird 8

Redwing 7 then E

Goldcrest 6

Song Thrush 5

Chiffchaff 3

Rock Pipit 2


Greenfinch 15

Linnet just 10


Siskin 4 E

Meadow Pipit 3 SE

Grey Wag 2 SE

Lesser Redpoll 2 NE

Swallow 1 N

Skylark 1 N

day movements:

alba wag c15 N and E ex-roost?

ET 9 low S suggesting ex-Leighton roost rather than Lune.

Half Moon Bay and scrub / woodland inland of cafe

Coal Tit 6

Chiffchaff 3

Goldcrest 3

Rock Pipit 2

Helipad 0950

Oystercatcher 1600

Knot 1750

Heysham Nature Reserve 

Goldcrest 15 

Robin 14

Coal Tit 2 plus irruptive flock of 20 south

Blackbird 8

Redwing 3

Song Thrush 6

Chiffchaff 4

Jay 3

Blackcap 2

Siskin 2 then N

Kestrel 1 (m)

Meadow Pipit - party of 6 South at 1030

Moneyclose Lane / Dog Track

Goldcrest 12

Coal Tit 10

Chiffchaff 5

Red Nab 

Curlew 73

Black-headed Gull 25

Shelduck 25

Wigeon 17

Rock Pipit 2

Mediterranean Gull 1 (ad)

Merlin 1 female type rested briefly before flying off west along the sea wall - 08:30

Ocean Edge

Shelduck - another darvic ringed bird (lime green) read

Carrion Crow, flock of 15 north.

Dunlin and Ringed Plover c 50 each

Knot 2000 offshore

A small flock of 14 Pinkfoot were also on the beach. They unfortunately took flight when the tide reached them, lifting all the waders. 


The resulting chaos -  You can see the geese lower centre. 

After - The waders eventually landed nearer Potts Corner.

Linnet 15 near saltmarsh

Rock Pipit 1

Wheatear 2

Picture by Dan.

Wooden Jetty area

Rock Pipit 1 - that's a total of 8 Rock Pipits seen in the recording area today.

Mediterranean gull 1 2nd calendar year

Picture by Kevin
Ulster Bus Alley
Blackbird flock of 15 males (13 x 1Winter)

Chiffchaff 2

Goldcrest 2

Blackcap 1

Middleton Nature Reserve

Cetti's warbler 2 singing

Gadwall 4

Teal 1

Red-Breasted Merganser 5 north

Little grebe 1

Today's bird still in, at least partial, summer plumage