Monday, 1 February 2021

Wandering geese

Overnight frost, very light east breeze plus some sunshine made it feel much warmer during the day.

Watched until completely covered by the incoming tide - report from David T - thanks
Common Snipe c50
Jack Snipe - 8 confirmed and seen flying off, another 7 probable of which 4 could have been the birds flushed from the banking while leaving. The consensus was definitely double figures.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
A full circuit of the ponds
There were 100+ gulls stood on the main pond ice,
mainly Black-Headed gulls, unfortunately none ringed.
Mute 2 adult 4 juvenile
Coot 6
Moorhen 10
Mallard 8
Gadwall 7
Shoveler 2
Little Grebe 2
Both Little grebes, top left, with 2 Shoveler, 3 Gadwall and a Coot.

I mentioned yesterday that I haven't been recording the regular Pinkfoot movements between the Fylde Roost and feeding areas. Today they were far from regular. High skeins were seen heading north, south, and east, mid morning. The overnight frost wasn't severe enough to freeze the ground solid, at least locally, so not sure why (MD).

A flock of 20 Greylag Geese flew quite low to the east
Some of the 20 Greylag, I think this is the most I've seen together in the recording area

Detail of a few of the Greylag

Plenty of individual/pairs Blue, Great and Long-Tailed tits, but no sight or sound of any Goldcrest or warblers.
Bullfinch - there are always plenty around the reserve, but there seems more than most years at the moment. At least 8 birds seen/heard today