Thursday 12 January 2023

Record Brent numbers

The SW wind freshened all day. Some very heavy showers.

First a few shots from Kevin Singleton
These Knot actually from last week, they are currently scarce 

Oystercatcher and Redshank on the old heliport wall today

South Shore rising tide late morning (MD)
Rock Pipit 2 bickering along the sea wall
Wigeon 191 in the channel next to No.1 outflow, waiting for the tide to reach Red Nab
Eider 1 female
Shag 1 at least on the wooden jetty
Kittiwake 10  at least - 2 x 1st winter and 3 adult both on No.1 outflow and around the harbour.
For a change I just kept my camera looking at one spot on the outflow all 5 Kittiwake make an appearance.

Adult and first winter Kittiwake, both looking sodden on the inner harbour wall

Pete checked the lunchtime ferry in:
77 kittiwake flew out associated with incoming Ben my Chree also c10 lingering before arrival.  
Little gull 1 adult flew out further offshore.
Mediterranean gull 3cy behind ferry.  
Brent Geese - c40 went south past the harbour mouth before the ferry ie about 1150, then 63 pale-bellied went south past the north harbour wall at c1220-1230.  Therefore possibly over 100 Brent around Red nab!

Kevin Singleton had seen 42 in Half Moon Bay, all pale-bellied, probably the first lot seen by Pete. It was lashing down when I walked past Red Nab on my return, but there was obviously a lot of Brent there, all seen were Pale-bellied.

The strong winds are also having physical consequences
Fresh scarring and a scrape of paint on the north roundhead

One of the "two" buoys out from the north wall is missing

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Pochard 1 male
Tufted Duck 2 males
Mallard 2
Gadwall 18

This fox was keeping an eye on Janet as she exercised a dog
along the old go-cart track on Heysham Head