Tuesday 9 November 2021

Nothing, well almost nothing........and wet!

SE breeze in the morning accompanied with penetrating drizzle!

Most of the regular recorders were busy today, and I only had time for a quick check of the south shore first thing. Shame no one had time to check Middleton, Pete advised that there could be a major Blackbird fall today.

South shore (MD)
The good news is that both outflows had plenty of gulls and they were finding food. Unfortunately, today there were only Black-Headed Gulls with a few Herring and Lesser Black-Backed.
The only grounded bird seen was a Song Thrush, being heckled by a Robin near the Harbour waterfall.
Wigeon flock of 24 flying south
Greenfinch 4 on Red Nab
No Rock Pipit seen or heard!
Redshank 47
Lapwing 101
Both the above on mud out from saltmarsh 
Common Snipe 7 

Possibly more to come, but I'm not optimistic.