Wednesday 27 September 2023

Still four Black Terns

The SE wind freshened all day as storm Agnus approached. Some heavy showers began after lunch.

South Shore 
Black Tern 4 juvenile - they were all feeding on No.2 outflow when Janet checked mid morning. She managed some even better shots than yesterday.

Whitebait is back on the menu

The Black-Headed gulls were also feeding on the Whitebait 
It was surprising that there weren't more gulls feeding today

I reached Red Nab just about high water - 10:30 (MD). I was going to walk down to the outflow to have a look, but two of the Terns flew past me heading south. I hoped they were going to rest on the remaining Red Nab rocks, but they continued south and were lost at sea!
When Pete checked at 12:45 all four were back feeding on No.2 outflow again.

Earlier, I had started at Red Nab and checked the shore out from the saltmarsh as the tide came in.
Wood Pigeon 10 resting on Red Nab
Pink Footed goose 46 flew low to north 08:40 - presumably flying to feeding grounds
Shelduck 62
Wigeon 1
A solitary male Wigeon flew from Red Nab towards Potts Corner at high water
Little Egret 9
Grey Heron 1
Janet's shot of the Heron
Wheatear 2
Rock Pipit 2
There was a 15 minute period of overhead passage to SE, not sure if it was time related (09:30) or location - close  along the eastern shore.
Pied/white Wagtail 14 - 6 & 8
Meadow Pipit 27

Oystercatcher c300
Curlew- again no more than 20 seen
Bar-Tailed Godwit 84 - these are some of them, plus a few Knot, finally being persuaded to move on by the rising tide.

Bar-Tailed Godwit

Grey Plover 5
Knot 2000+ grounded plus several flocks south
Dunlin 3000+
Redshank 150 feeding closer inshore 
Lapwing 53 - 40 SE plus 13 on saltmarsh 
Juvenile Lapwing amongst the saltmarsh Samphire 

Turnstone 50 close inshore - this young Turnstone seemed adept at finding food, but made a bit of a meal of eating it! Here it has a Sea Slater.