Saturday 29 July 2023

The early bird..........catches the cold!

A fresh and gusty SW wind. Overnight rain but only a few lightish showers during the day.

Just my stuff so far (MD) and not much of it. I woke early this morning feeing rough, I thought an early morning walk might freshen me didn't. I came home full of a cold.
Just a short check from Red Nab to saltmarsh a couple of hours before high water.
Mediterranean gull 1 - just the metal ringed adult. This bird was the first to arrive this year.
Rock Pipit 3 - 1 on Red Nab and 2 along foreshore 
Goldfinch 2 - Red Nab
Linnet 10 - on saltmarsh 
Wheatear 3 - 2 juvenile and a female.
One of the juvenile Wheatears

It was feeding along the tideline at the saltmarsh with a group of Linnet, when I spooked them the Linnet did as they always do, rest on the top of the surrounding vegetation until I pass by. The Wheatear joined them.

This is the other juvenile, you can see it has a hint of rufous on its breast. It clearly isn't happy to see the adult join it.

Little Egret 17 - 2 on Red nab 15 on and around the saltmarsh 

Little Egret

Curlew c300 (250 on shore + 50 on Red Nab
Whimbrel 2 at least
Oystercatcher c150 (50 on shore + 100 on Red Nab)
Redshank 20
There were no small waders on the shore, but a flock of 5 Dunlin flew south.

Hopefully, the continuing wind will have blown something different in by the morning