Sunday 14 January 2024

Bath time

A light northish breeze. Some sunny spells and some very light showers.

South Shore (MD)
Pale-bellied Brent 30 arrived at Red Nab early in the tide and spent a while bathing and drinking in the freshwater run off.

Shelduck 30 - although there would have been many more on the shore near the saltmarsh 
Wigeon 491 - just timed it nicely for an easy count as they made their way towards Red Nab. It's no wonder the gutweed there is like a billiard table cloth. 
These are a few late comers flying in.
Eider 3 near the wooden jetty
Shag 2 at least - these two were together on the wooden jetty 
The Shag on the right is one of last year's youngsters, now a 2nd calendar year bird.
The Shag on the left is much darker so at least a 3rd calendar year bird.

There is very little white on the more mature birds chin, possibly it is a 4th calendar year

The 2nd calendar year bird is ringed. Looks like a yellow ring on the left leg
and a metal ring on the right. Another one to watch out for.

A little later, just after the ferry had arrived, this Shag was having a "bath" out from the Harbour mouth. I couldn't see the birds on the wooden jetty, but this one was too dark to be the 2nd calendar year bird, but it also seems to have more white on its throat than the older bird on the wooden jetty.
Bath is in inverted commas as it was really a thorough shake down, it was obviously in serious need of washing its feathers. It was like this for at least a couple of minutes.

Immature, likely 3rd calendar year Shag

On the saltmarsh 
Reed Bunting 4
Reed Bunting 

Song Thrush 1
Song Thrush 

Rock Pipit 3 seen in total, this is the saltmarsh bird
Rock Pipit resting on a Pelican garden ornament 
By this time the tide had almost covered the saltmarsh, still:
Common Snipe 3
Jack Snipe 1

Grey Seal 1 - it was the male's turn to be feeding close in today. Here he is in No.2 outflow.

Just out of the recording area - the Glossy Ibis was reported behind Middleton Parish Hall at least at lunchtime.