Friday 20 August 2021

More movement - both ways!

Very light SSE breeze initially, then moved more due south. Mainly overcast with the odd sunny spell in the morning, light showers started by evening.

So far, just my morning check of the south shore just before high water (MD).
Not quite true now, there was a ringing session on Middleton this morning, 31 warblers caught, I'll post details tomorrow.

Mediterranean gull 6 (4 on Red Nab plus 2 on beach out from the saltmarsh)
Wheatear 5 minimum, probably 9 (2 on Red Nab, 2 on foreshore and 1 on saltmarsh, all seemed to be moving through quickly, but on return 4 together on foreshore, probably new birds)
This morning's Wheatear were moving through quickly,
but plenty enough time to grab a quick snack

Rock Pipits 3 minimum 
Sandwich Tern 23 - 15 of them in this clip, the others were resting in ones and twos with the gulls.

There were lots of small waders feeding on the mud out from the saltmarsh 
Ringed Plover 48
Dunlin 36
Plus larger flocks further towards Potts corner.
Dunlin moulting to winter plumage.
The beaches that have not been covered for a while become rich feeding grounds
after the first tide to cover them. Every speck on this image is a potential source of food 

This clip demonstrates the different feeding techniques of these two species.

Swallow 19 - they didn't start moving south till 10:30, the 19 were in 30 minutes. They were flying low over the mud picking flies of it as they went. Some did a few circuits before continuing south. A couple were doing circuits around this Dunlin as it hopped away (The Dunlin were either feeding or preening. All the preening birds were on one leg and opted to hop, until they started feeding again).

As I was on the beach there were several "small" white and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies flying north with the light breeze. Also two dragonflies. One large one probably an Emperor the other an immature/female darter sp.
On return to the saltmarsh, the Sea Aster had held a lot of the butterflies. The small white ones revealed themselves to be Small Whites. There were 8 on a small patch of Aster, with 2 Small Tortoiseshell, plus another 4 and 2 respectively coming in off Red Nab.
Small White on saltmarsh Sea Aster

There were also plenty of butterflies on the Buddleia in the nature park.
Red Admiral 11
Brimstone 3 (2 male 1 female)
Large White 1
Small White 1

The only dragonfly was a Migrant Hawker.

Finally, this is another juvenile bird being encouraged to fend for itself. I don't know, and probably don't want to know, what this Carrion Crow was pulling apart, but it wasn't for sharing it with the juvenile.