Friday 25 August 2023

Easy pickings and another Osprey

Sunshine with heavy showers, particularly in the morning. A west wind.

South Shore (MD)
I walked along the foreshore and sea wall in the morning.
Wheatear 2
A particularly rufous 1st winter Wheatear
Rock Pipit 2 - foreshore and Red Nab
Linnet 5 - foreshore 3 lighthouse 2

The forecast was for light rain showers. I suppose by volume of water over the day the rain was "light". I'd set off in bright sunshine and waterproof leggings were a last minute decision. A good one! I could see the rain approaching while I was on the foreshore. Foreboding weather conditions rarely look so when photographed, but this is a reasonable representation.
I was walking towards the weather, and the weather was heading towards me.....
.....we met half way along the wall. There is no definition of "light" that would describe the subsequent rain!

Fortunately it was easing as I reached the end of the wall. The beach by the jetty was just becoming exposed by the tide. Only 6 Mediterranean gulls turned up, along with Black-Headed Gulls, Little Egret, Curlew and Redshank. All were catching Sandmason worms, although I didn't actually see the Egret catch any.  This compilation shows the differing techniques, I did feel that the Curlew was "cheating" a little.
Robin 1 grounded by lighthouse

I returned early evening towards high water
Mediterranean gulls 15 adult on Red Nab including one white ringed bird.
Curlew c300 on the south shore
Whimbrel 1 flew from Red Nab
Oystercatcher c500
Redshank 120 on Red Nab
Turnstone 4 on Red Nab
Knot 20 on tideline 
Dunlin 60 on tideline
Lapwing 4 on saltmarsh 
Sanderling 1 feeding amongst the Oystercatcher on the tideline, but only briefly 

Sandwich Tern 1 resting with c200 Black-Headed Gulls just south of the saltmarsh 
Sandwich Tern

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
I called in on my way home mid morning, the heavy shower had eased a while earlier, but the rain had only just stopped and the clouds were clearing.
Osprey 1 - it flew north over the main pond and was obviously checking for any fish. But the gulls were agitated and it continued north

Osprey, checking out the main pond
Main Pond
Tufted duck 1 (the odd) female
Coot 8 only 2 obviously immature 

Only 1 Moorhen on "no swimming" pond.
By this time the sun was out and the insects were just beginning to move
Common Darter 1 male
Common Blue Damselfly 1 male
Common Blue Damselfly

Common Emerald Damselfly 
Common Emerald Damselfly

Pete Crooks had a stroll around the village in the afternoon.
2 Greenshank flew south over Heysham Village (first of the autumn - they are not common here)
1 Sparrowhawk and 1 Small Copper at St Peters Church
1 Painted Lady on the footpath between Knowleys Road and Heysham Village Bay.