Thursday, 21 May 2009


Heysham Obs
** Mega news. Definitely TWO Black Guillemot by/on the wooden jetty on 9th May. Please check the nest site carefully if visiting & one bird is on the water (= 3 sections to the right=seaward side of number '9' as viewed from the NHW) . Thanks Derek. See

I thought I'd heard of the above title, so googled it. It transpires to be Acrylic Album Cardstock Patterned Paper with the slogan 'every moment matters'. The latter is relevant as this mornings 45 minute seawatch was unbelievably inattentive due to four work-related phone calls and being shown the contents of a moth trap! What was missed? The G-horizon referred to the Gannets. Can you successfully google any combination of words/letters these days?

North wall 0810-0850
Gannet - 5 along the horizon, only visible during the upper part of the 'wheeling'
Arctic Skua - LM in very distantly at 0820hrs
Sandwich tern - 1+3 out
Whimbrel - 2 in
Black Guillemot - spent all the time in or next to its hole on the wooden jetty

No Ortolan as yet at Bradshaw Lane (North Fylde c/f yesterdays good performance). Spoonbill on the 'flood' at the eastern end of the Eric Morecambe Pool