Thursday, 24 May 2018

More terns and bits and bobs

Bill Martin and myself covered the north wall this morning and similar fare to yesterday minus the oddities

North wall 0650-0920
Arctic Tern - 134 in (largest flock 21), a majority 0820-0910
Sandwich Tern - c120 in, latterly a few bloggers - many fishing en route as they flew in but none seen to come out!
Arctic Skua - dark morph chasing tern in the mouth of the bay
Gannet - 3/4cy in then out
Kittiwake - flock of 15 in (all but one 2CY)
Guillemot - 1
small waders - three flocks totalling 30
Common Scoter - just one distant flock of c20
Swallow - 11 in
Shag - 2CY on wooden jetty

Greylag - 7 circled Middleton NR

At least three Black-tailed Skimmer Middleton

** I know there is a backlog for pics.  I wont be able to do anything about it tomorrow, I'm afraid, so if you can add your own pics or send them with relevant date they need posting to