Sunday 24 July 2022

A day to enjoy the ordinary

SW to S fresh wind. Plenty of sunshine in the morning but overcast with showers in the afternoon 

South Shore
Shag 1 resting on wooden jetty seen by Pete.
I didn't have much time today and mistimed this morning's walk slightly, as the tide had not left the sea wall. Still it was a pleasant walk (MD)
The only passerine around saltmarsh and foreshore was a single Goldfinch.
Rock Pipit 1 on Red Nab and 1 between the lighthouse and waterfall. This is one of the birds that had a bad foot, the foot is completely gone now and presumably the stump is not too sore as it was prepared to put some weight on it, and seemed to be getting around better now than when its foot was withered.

One of at least three Rock Pipits in the recording area with one foot withered or missing.

Mediterranean gulls - I could only make out 5 adult on Red Nab
Whimbrel 1 on Red Nab
Oystercatcher c2000 flew past the roundhead and flew to Red Nab. Something or someone must have flushed them from their Heliport roost.
Oystercatcher flying past the wooden jetty 

There was a single Curlew with them

This Great Black-Backed gull was in the harbour
To me they always seem to be looking at you, to decide if you could be swallowed
(Or maybe I'm just paranoid! MD)

This shot by Alan Wilson from earlier in the week shows the Herring and
Lesser Black-Backed gulls bathing in the freshwater stream on Red Nab

Despite the fresh SSW wind there had been some butterfly movement, perhaps from inland. Singles of three species ware amongst the scrub near the waterfall. 
Unusually, no Meadow Brown seen.
Small White 1
Small Tortoiseshell 1
Peacock 1 looking quite fresh, the lower wing eyes looking particularly realistic.

A walk back through the Nature Park located:
Meadow Brown several
Gatekeeper 4
Red Admiral 1
Small White 2
Large White 2
Comma 1
Speckled Wood 2
Small Skipper 1

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Janet had a walk around and located nothing new, but took these nice shots
Buff-Tailed Bumblebee (probably)

Small Skipper

Not sure what this insect is, looks like a large hoverfly
Nice shot of the Fleabane