Tuesday 28 February 2023

Saved by the Moss!

Another dry but mainly overcast day. The light NE wind continues.

North shore - low water 11:50
Pete checked:
Low tide channel area as viewed from Knowlys was dead - 30ish Eider only, no Brent 

I had a quick look in the skear corner (MD). This Curlew has a crab, two Bar-Tailed Godwits watch on. Crabs limbs have evolved to break away relatively easily, they grow again, starting at the next shedding of the old exoskeleton. It allows them to escape when grabed by a limb, unfortunately it also means they are relatively easy to disarm before eating.
The Curlew stuck at it for about a minute, but eventually gave up and the crab survived, albeit a limb or two missing.
Heysham Moss Nature Reserve (MD)
A mid afternoon walk. This reserve is just outside the recording area, but all the birds mentioned below, with the exception of the Herons, were seen to fly over the bypass, either from or into the recording area.
Barn Owl 1 - flew from the recording area carrying what looks to be a vole.
Barn Owl

Buzzard 1 - initially resting in a tree on the Moss, before flying across the bypass to Imperial Rd.
Common Buzzard
You can hear the cars along the bypass in this clip.

Sparrowhawk 1 flew high to SW

Woodcock 1 - unusually high and straight and again to south

Thrushes sp c150 - again flying south, unfortunately the light was behind them making identification difficult, but at least some of them appear to be Fieldfare (MD)

Grey Heron 3 - it is "frogging season". Lots of frogs gathering to spawn, makes for easy feeding! I'll spare you the clips.