Friday 19 June 2020

It didn't feel much like summer!

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year. Today, it just felt like it!
It wasn't actually too bad in the morning, light NNE breeze and overcast, but the threat of rain held off, till after lunch. Then the rain became heavy and the wind shifted to a strong SW.

Only records so far are from my morning walk on the south shore at high water 11:00 (MD)
Rock Pipit 1 on saltmarsh
Lapwing 1
Linnet 12
Black-headed gull 240 on mud out from the saltmarsh plus c30 on Red Nab
Common gull 10 x 2nd calendar year on mud with BHGs
Mediterranean gull one 3rd calendar year with BHG on mud.

Quite a few butterflies around, at least some of them coming in off the sea into the light breeze.
Small Tortoiseshell 6
Small White 1
Small Skipper 3
Meadow Brown 1
Mother Shipton moth several on saltmarsh.

The water was same height as when I saw all the fingerling bass last week. Today just a few slightly larger fish, probably mullet, feeding.

This Carrion crow seemed very pleased with this gull egg,

But wasn't for sharing