Wednesday 9 February 2022

Nothing new, but at least the sun shone!

A lightish west wind, some light showers, but the sun shone for most of the day.

Just my afternoon outing so far (MD)

North shore mid afternoon on the rising tide
Pale Bellied Brent goose 45 - they were still managing to find enough broken weed on the tide line, till the tide reached the rocks. Then at 14:05 they flew to the rocks out from the children's play area. 
This clip starts with a group of four, which includes the Canadian arctic ringed pair. You can see bits of weed in the water, although most of it is brown weed now, which I've never seen them eat. Another flock of 8 birds fly in and join the main group.

Shortly after the group of four flew over and joined the main group too, you can make out the colour rings on the two lead birds.
Pale-bellied Brent geese, including the colour ringed birds

They are surprisingly difficult to count, on the shore I counted 37, then counted 28 and 14 flying over to the play area. But on this clip of them feeding near the play area I can count at least 45. There are also Turnstone and Black-Headed gulls.

Mediterranean gull 1 adult - this is the same regular bird, although at this resolution you can't make out its crossed bill tips. I videoed it here on Monday when it flew in with a group of Black-Headed gulls and started drinking greedily. Today it sipped at the fresh water run off, like a fine wine connoisseur. I speculated on Monday that it and the BHG were washing down a recent feast, today it just looked to be enjoying a pleasant drink.

This was a surprise, and a credit to the Council. These steps were partially blocked by large boulders after the weekend storm (see picture on Monday). But today they have already been cleared, not as easy as it sounds.
The steps below Whinnysty Lane now cleared of the boulders from the weekend storm

Middleton Nature Reserve 
I actually had a short walk around today, but saw little more than than my regular quick visits.
Wildfowl, pretty much the same, but only 7 immature Mute Swans (2 absent). The "no swimming" pond was peaceful today even with only a few less Gadwall (34).
Woodcock 1
Buzzard 3 (1+2) beyond the eastern boundary of the Reserve, but within the recording area boundary.

Roe Deer - again none seen, but many of the seldom trod tracks had fresh Roe Deer footprints.
One of the less used tracks showing typical Roe Deer tracks