Thursday 7 May 2020

Four Tern species!

All today's records, and picture, so far from Pete (M). All sea records before 09:30.

Goosander 1 drake flew in,
Arctic Tern 10 in at mid range then 31 in at close range.
Little Tern - one ‘following’ the first Arctic Tern flock but getting left further and further behind as it hovered to feed several times.
Sandwich Tern - all on the move this am totalling 17
Common Tern - two roosting red nab then flushed
Impressive picture of in flight Common Tern, considering by phone camera through scope!

Didn’t check gulls carefully, c200 plus Common gull, no obvious Mediterranean gull.
Whimbrel just 3 Red Nab
Dunlin 86 Red Nab
Knot 2100 on mud off north wall, then  c1600 flew south leaving 493 mainly 2nd calendar year and by near naze (all unringed)
Swallow 36 north,
Carrion Crow one very high north
Tree pipit 3 plus 1 north north wall then one flew inland near Red Nab

A quick check of Heysham Nature Reserve from entrance barrier found
Spotted Flycatcher - one probably two very active around dipping pond and roadside trees,

Silver Y north wall

Hopefully more to come