Saturday 6 July 2013

Autumn time for Sedge Warblers

Heysham Obs
Middleton NR
As suggested by visits to clear the mist net rides, many of the "1J" Sedge Warblers ringed on the last visit at the end of June have simply moved on and only 5 new Sedge were ringed this morning.  Reed Warblers are giving cause for concern elsewhere.  Only a small population here but the impression this spring is of a protracted arrival of a handful of singing males not receiving any response from absent females and moving on.  Is this the pattern elsewhere?

7 Jackdaws may seem unremarkable but they are not common here!
Pr Gadwall flying about and at least 2 intermittently singing Grasshopper Warbler early on

Actinics at Middleton produced a few Drinker and the first Smoky Wainscot of the year. The new bulb in the office trap is doing ok species-wise, but not pulling the numbers in.  Highlighted by Shaded Pug (2), Black-neck, Pale-shouldered Brocade and especially Millar.  Straw Dot and Yellow Shell were new for the year and 3 Double Dart the norm for this top site for this species

YESTERDAY late afternoon saw 5 x Black-tailed Skimmer and two Emperor on the model boat pond but no darter spp.