Saturday 11 June 2022

More Meds

SW winds pretty much all day. Some sunny spells, but cool when overcast.

Report from Pete:
Bit too southerly on the sea with just 2 Gannet and two Razorbill/Guillemot in 30 mins 
but 3 x 2cy Mediterranean gulls -  Red Nab (2) and Heysham 2 outfall (1)

I had a walk along the south wall just after high water (09:10), probably should have left it till a bit later (MD)
No small gulls on Red Nab
Mediterranean gull 1 2nd calendar year flew along the sea wall. Another sighting of one briefly on the sea out from the harbour mouth could have been the same bird.
Mediterranean gull (top) with Black-Headed gull

Mediterranean gull 2cy out from the harbour mouth

Rock Pipits 5 - three together along sea wall, one in scrub near lighthouse and this one sat above the waterfall.
Young Rock Pipit on inner harbour wall above the waterfall 

Linnet 5 between lighthouse and waterfall 

A walk back through the Nature Park found that the Goldfinch young have fledged. They seemed to be everywhere. It's always worth a look at the newt pond. This clip shows one of the young Goldfinch and a female Blackbird having a bath.
You'll note the Song Thrush singing in the above clips. Be warned, it includes a very respectable Little Grebe trilling in its repertoire, possibly a Little Grebe does visit this pond when it is quiet. While I'm talking Song Thrush song, the one near the white barrier where the cars park, includes at least two different car alarms in its song. I keep trying to record it, but it is busy here and someone invariably talks or shouts. I'll keep trying!

Angela spotted this orchid amongst the grass next to Half Moon Bay cafe. There is usually something interesting to see, if you keep a look out.
Orchids are notoriously variable and prone to hybridisation 
but this looks like an Early Purple (MD)