Tuesday 1 November 2022

November Darters

SW wind drifting to south by evening. Some heavy showers, particularly in the morning. Quite cool out of the sun.

South Shore
The worst of the morning rain was easing off when I checked mid morning (MD)
Linnet 130 feeding on saltmarsh 
Greenfinch + Goldfinch mixed flock c50 feeding around the saltmarsh edges
Greenfinch 12 along foreshore plus 2 on Red Nab
Rock Pipits 3
Shelduck 100 feeding out from foreshore 
Wigeon 20 in saltmarsh creek (low water)
Peregrine 1 flying around the Power Stations
Mediterranean Gull 1 adult resting on mud next to No.2 outflow
I didn't manage any decent shots today, fortunately Janet checked in the afternoon when the sun was shining and took these shots.



Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
I was busy today, but the sun was shining as I was heading home in the afternoon, so I called in to check the main pond, hoping to get a picture of a November Common Darter. Two males flew past me when I first arrived, then the clouds covered the sun and no more were seen.
Common Snipe 1
Unfortunately one of the mute cygnets has died. Its body was on the peninsula showing no sign of trauma, other than some post mortem scavenging. The other six cygnets plus the two adults seemed to be in good health. Hopefully it is just a one off. The Reserve officer has been informed.