Saturday 6 February 2021

Shag the best of a reasonable bunch

East to NE winds continue, still reasonably mild, rain showers on and off all day.

Pete managed a couple of checks of the sea whilst in the area.
Knowlys Rd:
Mediterranean gull - 1 adult with gull gathering top of horse paddock before flying towards Heysham road.
Pale-bellied Brent 12 by the skeer
North Harbour wall:
Shag 1 juvenile on far side of the first channel

My exercise walk was also on the north shore around the skeer towards low water (MD). Earlier than Pete.
There were only 7 + 2 Pale-bellied Brent by 12:15. These are the 7.
I also took this video, it shows the wealth of bird life here. Neither the Knot or Oystercatcher flying by were spooked, it's just natural movement to new feeding ground as it becomes exposed by the ebbing tide. Initially there were just 5 Brent here, but then two more flew in, you can see them splitting into two groups again as they swim.

Oystercatcher - everywhere!
Knot c1,500
Redshank c100
Turnstone 20+
Dunlin 5

Goldeneye 1 male

Eider c60 close in - these quickly saw off an opportunistic young gull