Friday, 25 February 2011

From oak woodland to toilet trap

The nine Twite (thanks Janet)
Heysham Obs
Last night was a good moth night, but not quite if you operate a toilet trap where the window was just a little bit too parallel to the wind direction.  This was a shame - hopefully tonight might be better

Heysham hut trap - east-facing window & 160w blended
Dotted Border - 1

North harbour wall
Med Gull - 2 adults, one in fsp, the Czech bird in half sp
Twite - just 9
too murky offshore

Ocean Edge area
Lots of seagulls with significant increase in LBBG (45-50)
5 Woodpigeon feeding on OE football pitch rather unexpected

Lots more seagulls round the sewage works
Tufted Duck (5), Little Grebe (4), Teal (2 on model boat pond)

Elsewhere moth trapping
Millhouses, nr Wray 125 MV trap - sheltered oak-laden valley
Tortricodes alternella (117), Ypsophola ustella (2), Small Brindled Beauty (10), Dotted Border (21), March Moth (32), Satellite (4), Chestnut (31), Yellow Horned (2), Hebrew Character (1), Clouded Drab (2), Spring Usher (9), Pale Brindled Beauty (8), Oak Beauty (2)

Ashley's farm, High Tatham 125 MV trap - exposed, but with old scattered oaks
Dark Chestnut (very late) (1), Small Brindled Beauty (1), March Moth (13), Spring Usher (2), Dotted Border (8), Hebrew Character (1), Oak Beauty (1), Pale Brindled Beauty (3), Chestnut (3)