Sunday 17 June 2018

Breeding Rock Pipit

Two were seen together on Thursday with one carrying nesting material.  Unfortunately the observer had to leave before they could track the bird to the nest site.  Awkward time - the ringing team don't seem to have any time to follow this up and the same goes for any of the rest of us.  Watch this space and hopefully not predated before we can absolutely confirm a nest site (I've not seen either of the two birds and they are incredibly elusive)

Note the nesting material carried by bird on the left

Family party of Pied Wagtail and a few Linnet in the same area

Shag still present on wooden jetty - another novelty - a summering Shag!

Sat 16th

Lift off with seagulls

2 x 2CY Meds - one with mask, the other with blackish head
250 Black-headed
35 Common

Shag - 2CY

2 x Little Egret Red Nab

160 Curlew Red Nab

Friday 15th

3 x Manx
2Cy Med with mask