Tuesday 12 August 2014

A windswept outfalls visit produces a Little Tern

Heysham Obs
A visit to the outfalls was in order today after a scan revealed a very distant Little Tern -a very rare bird in these parts in especially autumn and a lingerer on the outfalls unprecedented

Outfalls and harbour area 0900-1030
Little Tern - juv on Heysham one outfall throughout
Common Tern - At least one moulting adult and an imm (not juv) Heysham one outfall
Sandwich Tern - ad Heysham 2 outfall
Little Gull - just the one today - the non-obviously moulting ad
Med Gull - 30 - minimum of 19 1CY and minimum of 11 of other ages (2 x 3CY, 2 x 2CY, rest adult or 3CY)

Clouded Yellow at Middleton NR

Clouded Yellow in flight. MNR

Brimstone. MNR

Moth at MNR