Friday 9 October 2015

Yellow-browed warbler double, minor Robin arrival and a Treecreeper

Heysham Obs
A vocal Yellow-browed Warbler, this time in the Heysham NR alder copse alongside the wooden section of path 0815ish, then after about 30 minutes or so flew towards NE corner where there is some decent holding habitat but also a well-used corridor down the railway line.  Then at 0940, another was caught on the tank farm side of the net next to the office (the new arrival direction) and was released in the alder wood area.

The remainder of the stuff was surprisingly unremarkable with very little between the pre-dawn rush and some further movement from mid-morning

First YBW
Typical new arrival calling continuously for about 5 minutes

Second YBW
About the 10000th internet pic from this autumn but here you have no problem seeing where the pic was taken

By popular request here is the re-posting of the sycamore tree containing a fully visible YBW taken by Alan Smith at Sunderland last week.  How long will it take you to find it?

Vis mig HNR
alba Wagtail - 29
Siskin - 5+2+h+h+h+h+h!
Chaffinch - 37
Meadow Pipit - 18
Sparrowhawk - a male high and direct to the SW
Goldfinch - at least 7 high to S
Redpoll - 3
Bullfinch - one with a high SW-bound Chaffiinch flock
Cormorant - 2 high to SE
Pink-footed Goose - heard once to west
Carrion Crow - 2 S
Jackdaw - 6 but possibly bloggers

Redwing - 7
Song Thrush - 9
Robin - lots of ticking and chasing today (see ringing total)
Treecreeper - 1
Bullfinch - two unringed birds
Blackcap - no new arrivals - two very fat new birds caught
Goldcrest - just 5-10
Chiffchaff - 6-10
Yellow-browed Warbler - 2

Ringing totals
Unremarkable with all the Robins caught at HNR:  Yellow-browed Warbler (1), Chiffchaff (6), Blackcap (2), Robin (6 - a good total for October), Wren (3), Bullfinch (2), Great Tit (1), Dunnock (1), Blue Tit (3), Goldcrest (3), Treecreeper (1), Meadow Pipit (5), Lesser Redpoll (2)