Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Great Med Mystery - almost solved

Super sleuths Packham and Cook continued to track down the 3CY Med and, armed with no more than slices of cheap bread and rather expensive cameras, took more covert photos of its leg ring to, hopefully, reveal the secrets of this bird. 
Here we can see the the first letter and number very clearly.
And here are the last three numbers.
When enlarged this appears to read 9291 but it's not really clear enough to clinch it.
Attractive though its legs might be, here's the rest of the bird showing its attached body and wings!
Investigations continue via our international contacts and we hope to bring the results soon.
The usual adult Meds were on the railings at the north Harbour Wall.
Visit to top-up nyger seed at lunchtime but only c20 Twite seen flying across the harbour.