Sunday, 8 August 2021

Better wind, but it could have tried harder!

SW fresh wind in the morning, became stronger and more to west by late afternoon. Heavy showers.

Pete and Jean were first on the scene:
From Ocean Edge:
Mediterranean gulls 27 (4 juvenile).
Whimbrel 3

From North wall before Nick arrived, after that records would likely be duplicated:
Gannet 1
Manx Shearwater 1
Sandwich Tern 2

Report from Nick.

North harbour wall 10.45-13:15. Almost all the seabirds seen prior to 11.45.

Gannet 6 in, 1 out

Manx shearwater 11 out

Kittiwake juv out

Common scoter 57 out

Auk sp 1 in

Whimbrel 1 out

Oystercatcher c. 2000

I checked from the lighthouse late afternoon (MD)

Manx Shearwater 1 out

Nothing else within my range.

I was sheltering behind the lighthouse looking out to the sea for seabirds, meanwhile a seabird was also sheltering behind the lighthouse, and looking at me! This Kittiwake was only 5m away, also in the lea of the lighthouse.

Kittiwake in "unusual" plumage. Pete advises that it is a 2nd calendar year bird very
late moulting, by now it should be well advanced into winter plumage, i.e. adult plumage 
Remarkably, despite a few walkers, one with a dog, it was not disturbed while I was there, so I never saw it in flight.

Willow Warbler 1 in scrub

Painted Lady 1, briefly on the Unscented Mayweed - a bit of a surprise.

Mediterranean gulls - at least 18 including 2 juvenile and a 2nd calendar year 

There were at least 6 on the sea out from the lighthouse, even after the beach next to the jetty had become exposed. There were 12 on the beach when I left. This adult/3cy came in from the north to join other meds on the sea.

Not a great shot this one, but this young Herring gull appeared reluctant to let go of what looks to be a blue plastic cap. I hope it wasn't somehow physically attached to it!