Monday 23 March 2020

Elusive Shag

There was not a lot happening this morning. An early check of Ocean Edge located just one male Wheatear and only 10 Meadow Pipit north.
Later, towards high water, there were no Brent geese on Red Nab, and no reports yet of any earlier birds from the north side.

I (MD) walked out onto Heysham skeer at low water, hoping to see the Shag that has not been seen/reported for a while.
Great-Crested Grebe 4 almost full summer plumage
Red-Breasted Meganser 6
Eider c50 mainly males
Some of the Eider

But no sign of Shag, then as I was about to come off (17:15) a bird resting on a rock in the water on south side looked promising and turned out to be the
Shag - very distant but profile unmistakable, unfortunately before I got within reasonable camera range it few off. Seemed to be a mature bird, but no sign of tuft.