Thursday, 3 December 2020

A rainy day at Heysham

Light variable breeze, starting SE and moving to NE. Very heavy overnight rain and hail gave way to lighter rain which persisted on and off all day.

A walk along the south shore found it bereft of passerines, just the local Robins, Wrens and Dunnock, plus two single Rock Pipit. There have been regular sightings of both Merlin and Sparrowhawk here recently. I suspect one or both had been hunting before I got there.
Lapwing 180
The only Egret seen today were Little Egret 4 and a Grey Heron.

Later, when Howard was trying to read ringed Knot on the heliport, a raptor was spooking and scattering them. This time there was no doubt of the culprit.
Sparrowhawk - photo by Howard

The good news is that "Blogger" seems to have sorted out the video problem. 
About a week ago, Kevin sent me this video of Turnstone (all images and interesting videos welcomed - see my contact details on side bar to the right - Malcolm). I saved it for a rainy day, and here we are.
Turnstone routinely feed at the base of the south sea wall. The best time to watch them is when the tide is just reaching or just leaving the bottom of the wall. 
As Kevin said - Turnstone, doing what it says on the tin.

The only image I have to share today is possibly a potent of what may be with us tomorrow. The rain was turning to snow, as the clouds passed over Clougha Pike.

This shot from Middleton Nature Reserve before darkness crept over.