Saturday 15 July 2023

One (or two) to watch out for.

A strong south wind freshened further and moved to SW. Very heavy showers from late morning onwards.

South shore
Shaun checked at high water and before the rain. 
Not many gulls roosting on Red Nab. 
Mediterranean gulls - Could only pick out 8 adult/2nd summer + 2 juvs. Though some hidden behind rocks. 
I went along the wall in the afternoon to watch the beach next to the jetty become exposed (MD). It was fine on the way out, there were no gulls waiting on the rocks, but there were at least 12 Meds waiting on the sea beyond the harbour mouth.
Yesterday I said the "heavens opened". Mmmm, compared to today that was just drizzle! Just before the mud became exposed a squall of biblical proportions hit. The torrential rain was horizontal and no sign of it abating! There was nothing else to do but head for home.

Today's title refers to a most unusual coincidence. Last week I read a green darvic ringed Med as R5UN. Yesterday, I thought I had seen it again, but no. It was 56UN. Jean, Pete and myself went through my shots to check that there was no mistake, there wasn't. Definitely two consecutive ringed birds. Both ringed in France 25/06/22. If you spot one of these, you need to be sure if it is a 5 or a 6. Or, you never know, we may get even more in the sequence!

Shag 1 immature on the wooden jetty
Curlew 170
Rock Pipit 2 (Red Nab and Lighthouse)
There were several juvenile Long-Tailed Tit in the Nature Park 
This was on the way out before the storm

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
A short check of the two main ponds in the morning.
Mute Swan. Pair plus 5 cygnet on the "no swimming" pond. The other three cycles (ousted males?) on the main pond
Coot 4 adult and 3 juvenile. A Cetti's warbler is just finishing a burst of song at the beginning of this clip. It was in the lower car park bushes, but this was the only time I heard it.

The only other warbler heard was a Lesser Whitethroat
Moorhen 3
Mallard 26, the young now taking short flights
Gadwall 4 - what appears to be a female with three well grown young.

Swift 2 feeding over main pond

The only dragonflies were
Black-Tailed Skimmer 1 each, male and female.
Emperor 1 cruising along Middleton Road

Plenty of Butterflies 
Gatekeeper 30+
Meadow Brown several
Ringlet 1
Large White 2
Small White 1
Green-Veined White 2 mating

Speckled Wood 2
Holly Blue 1 female
Holly Blue

Just possibly more to come