Thursday 16 June 2016

Belated roof-top gull breeding survey

Heysham Obs

Numbers refer to birds still sitting or with broods i.e. active breeding pairs

Ocean Edge south:  LBBG x 5
Ocean Edge north LBBG x 2

Harbour south:   LBBG x 30
                           HG x 33
                           GBBG x 1
Harbour north:  LBBG x 27
                          HG x 20
Centrica:           LBBG x 6
Middleton:        LBBG x 21
                          HG x 12
Grey and turbine stores:   LBBG x 20
                                          GBBG x 1

also c8 Herring and c6 LBBG territories noted at the S end of the PS operational land - usually scared from here