Sunday 19 November 2023

More of the same.....literally.....but barely

Showers began mid morning then continued all day. West wind.

Pete Crooks checked the foreshore below Knowlys Road in the rain at 10.45 am 
16 Pale-bellied Brent Geese - 8 adults, 8 juvs, all unringed (5 more bird than yesterday)
Later in the afternoon all 16 were feeding on Red Nab.

Also from the south shore (MD)
Little Gull 3 at least (1 more than yesterday) - 2 first calendar year plus a second calendar year feeding on No.2 outflow. These are some of Janet's shots of yesterday's 1st calendar year bird trying to feed.

Trying, but not successful this time. This is an egg case of a catshark

One of today's 1cy and the 2cy Little gull. The 2cy has very little black in the wing tips

But underwing noticeably paler than adult

In the evening (evening! It was only 15:30, but almost dark in the rain). There were none on the outflow, but this adult/2cy was resting on Red Nab. Providing a nice size comparison with a young Black-Headed Gull.

Shelduck 12
Wigeon 150+
Female and male Wigeon, by Janet from yesterday 
Rock Pipit 2

Red-Throated Diver by the wooden jetty in the evening - seen by Alan Physick