Friday 8 September 2023

Early morning Merlin

A very light east breeze till lunch, when it freshened slightly and shifted to west. Bright and sunny after a hazy start.

South shore
Janet had an early morning walk along the sea wall
Oystercatcher, silhouetted by the sun's haze through the Saharan dust

Red Nab Robin

Red Nab Rock Pipit

The outflows were busy, this is No.2




Grey Heron - more on this later

Cormorants on wooden jetty

This Merlin flew high over the harbour. 
Not easy to get a shot of these, they do fly quickly 

I had a walk along the wall later in the morning (MD)
Timed to watch the beach by the wooden jetty become exposed but the only gull to turn up was
Mediterranean gull 1 second calendar year
2nd calendar year Mediterranean gull

Pink-Footed goose 55 flew SE over the harbour at 10:15. Mark Jones picked them up as they left the recording area, 4 broke away and headed up the River Lune while the others continued south.

Grey Heron, there were more around than the usual single bird today. Janet saw two, I saw three including this juvenile that was chased across the harbour mouth. 

It might only be young, but it had excellent balance, better than mine trying to film it! I suppose you need extra long legs, when you have an extra long neck to scratch.
Wheatear 3 - 1 at lighthouse and 2 on foreshore 
Rock Pipit 3 - 1 on Red Nab and 2 on foreshore 

I checked the shore out from the saltmarsh again this evening (MD). As expected the inshore mud was dry and waderless. This is the mud where the Curlew Sandpiper etc were feeding yesterday.
The mud was dry and not a snail in sight today. There is a snail, relatively safe, under every pimple here.
High tide was only 7m. It didn't even cover the sandbars to the south of the recording area where most of the waterline waders were feeding. There were a few within our area.
Oystercatcher c200
Curlew c100
Whimbrel 1 heard only
Redshank 40 
Bar-Tailed Godwit 18
Grey Plover 4
Knot 24
Dunlin 30
Ringed Plover 6
Lapwing 12 on Red Nab

Mediterranean gull 7 adult seen on the shore, but the gulls were well spread and it is likely that there were more.

Just south of the recording area

10:55 - Osprey flew from inland, west over Mark Jones' caravan. It was mobbed by gulls as it reached the shore and veered off to the south, before being lost from sight.