Saturday 18 September 2021

Still plenty of Meds about

Light SE to south breeze. Drizzle early on, but held off for the remainder of the day.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Ringing and vis report from Alan:

Arrived at Middleton at 06.10 whereupon drizzle immediately began and persisted until 07.00. Just two nets set then until 11.30 and 36 captures resulted.

Meadow Pipit 5 (of approx. 35 attracted down)

Grey Wagtail 5 (these were from a total of 9 seen to come down near the ride)

Wren 1 Retrap

Dunnock 1

Robin 1

Reed Warbler 1

Whitethroat 1

Blackcap 12 (these probably dropped by near the coast by the rain shower and caught whilst dispersing inland)

Chiffchaff 4

Goldcrest 1

Long-tailed Tit 1 Retrap

Blue Tit 2

Tree Sparrow

Little else seen moving overhead except for a group of 6 woodpigeons, a small flock of 6 starlings and 1 swallow all flying southward

Red Nab and saltmarsh area

I had a check as the tide was making up the beach (MD)

Wheatear 7

Meadow Pipit 10 grounded on saltmarsh then south another 6 individuals or small groups over to south.

One of the grounded Meadow Pipits

Rock Pipit 1 - didn't manage a decent shot today, so this picture from Thursday for comparison.

Rock Pipit

Linnet 6
Robin several around the shoreline
Lapwing 30+ around the saltmarsh

Lapwing amongst the Samphire 

Again there were large numbers of waders along the waterline, but well dispersed by dogs and horse riders. I didn't try to get close, but the numbers probably less than yesterday. Bar-Tailed Godwit, Curlew, Knot, Grey Plover and Dunlin present. 
Surprisingly the only raptor around was the Kestrel over the saltmarsh.

Sandwich Tern 4 on Red Nab just before high water - three of them looked like adult, but the front bird here appears to be a first winter. You wouldn't describe it "as elegant as a tern"! (MD)

A still from the above clip, showing wing pattern 

A little later Pete checked the gulls on Red Nab and managed a good count, despite one "individual's" (my phrase not Pete's!) attempt to chase the birds off by throwing stones at them!

Mediterranean gulls minimum 24, including 5 juvenile and 2 2nd calendar year. The rest adult or 3rd calendar year.