Friday 19 July 2019

Meds again

The Ben My Chree struggled in the mist today, weighed down by kipper-infused blocks of ice

In the foreground out of pic on Red Nab were at least 21 Meds.  They are losing their hoods now and getting a bit tricky asleep and half-hidden amongst all the BHG

6 x juv
3 x 3CY
2 x 2CY
10 x Ad


Influx of 8 juvs
darvics: yellow juv and 3CY, white red and green adults - none readable!

Little Gull
2CY seen in moult but its incredible elusive if its here all the time!

Arctic tern - ad

Red-veined Darter - one still on spit
Southern hawker - 2
Green Sandpiper - TB pond
Little Grebe - ad & juv no swimming pond
Gadwall - 11 ad,21 juvs of all sizes no swimming pond


No sign of Southern Migrant Hawker

Pod of dolphin spp off the end of the outfalls (per IFCA)

Med Gulls
4 x juv
2 x CY
2 x 3CY
16 Ad or not so obvious 3CY

Wheater - 1 female type on rocks below wooden jetty