Friday 31 July 2020

Not much far

Bright and sunny till mid afternoon then increasing cloud and humidity. Light variable breezes ended up from SW

Just my couple of quick checks of lighthouse area so far. Possibly more to come (MD).

Lighthouse/wooden jetty area
13:45 - tide ebbing away from the wall and breeze from SE. East winds often bring insects in off the sea here, but it has historically been better E to NE.
Just a few butterflies drifting inland - Red Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Small White 3.
Mediterranean gulls 4 adult on beach.

18:00 - Tide flooding, but still away from the sea wall. By now the breeze was back to SW. No insect movement.
Rock Pipit 1
Mediterranean gulls 11 adult plus 1 juvenile on beach next to wooden jetty
The green German ringed Adult is still around