Thursday, 2 April 2020

Wishful thinking?

Still only negligible movement observed. Just two Meadow Pipits and an Alba Wagtail.

The wader numbers roosting on the old heliport wall has reduced, partly due to the low neap tides.
Oystercatcher c200
Dunlin c30
Knot c2,000. They were very filghty, couldn't see what was spooking them. But it allowed a thorough inspection of 4,000 legs, no rings.
These are some of the Knot having a mini murmuration. It looked fun, but suspect they weren't doing it for pleasure.

It felt like the weather was trying to tell me (MD) something today. Wishful thinking or not, it felt uplifting.
During my afternoon exercise walk, every cloud seemed to have a silver lining.

On my walk to Trumacar store this morning, I was greeted by what was probably the lowest rainbow that I have ever seen. But rainbow it was, and very nice to see.
Hope springs eternal