Friday 18 December 2015


Heysham Obs
A 2CY sinensis Cormorant was on the island at Middleton model boat pond

Vicious Mute Swan behaviour on Middleton including a report of one adult being killed by one of the two territorial males.  At least two others being chased about.  I would have thought that flying off was a decent option given the amount of suitable water to land on locally

Otherwise unremarkable (per Malcolm, thanks for the effort)
No sign of barn owl at twilight.

Middleton NR
5 mallard, 7 tufted, 8 teal

Ocean Edge
2 little egret 32 linnet 1 common snipe

Red Nab
52 wigeon on Red Nab

Nothing of note on outflows or in harbour.

North wall feeder
 held 15 Goldfinch and 3 Linnet

No moths!