Saturday 27 July 2013

New Lancashire moth subject to further expert scrutiny

Heysham Obs
Whilst clearing out the 'moth toilet' at Heysham NR last night, a large well-marked pug was located on the wall - there are a lot of lurking places which can be missed during the routine morning check.  It did not look right for a variation of Wormwood Pug and far closer to Pimpinel Pug which does occur very sparingly in south Cumbria.  There is also some Burnet Saxifrage here...  Examination revealed it to be a female
Size = 23mm ruling out a lot of other pugs! Thanks John

Whilst trying to pot an Agonopterix in the actinic on the north harbour wall as part of the intensive SD36 moth survey, at least one, probably at least two Crossbills flew over, heading ESE - the Agonopterix escaped and was probably a new 10k square record!

Bonaparte's Gull showing early afternoon at least on and around Heysham 2 outfall along with at least 8 Med Gulls Red Nab/outfalls including a juv

See above

New for SD36 were Drinker, Dingy Footman, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, Water Veneer (everywhere at the moment), Pediasia aridella

The office moth trap held Bordered Beauty and Grass Emerald of note, also 3 Barred Rivulet, Pediasia aridella

There is a whale and dolphin search on the north harbour wall this afternoon starting at 1330.  Noting the parking 'arrangements', please park alongside the wide bit of road and leave plenty of room for anglers who should be in situ by then anyway. Best of luck with the mammals - a Grey Seal is a possibility.