Saturday, 25 July 2020

Meds spread about

Light SW winds, mainly overcast with a few light showers.

All I have so far are my two checks of the beach near wooden jetty - hopefully more later (MD)

11:30 - tide starting to flood, but still a long way out.
There were no Mediterranean gulls feeding on the beach. But this group were preening on the rocks on the seaward side of beach.
The German green ringed bird, first seen yesterday, is with these, as is a white ringed bird. 

There were also 3 adult and a 3rd calendar year bird on the beach near No.2outflow.

As the tide flushed the birds from the rocks most flew off east straight away, others tried the beach, but found nothing to eat so also set off east. Possibly to Red Nab, although Dan reported 16 on the Lune, as seen from Glasson Dock, yesterday.
Total seen this morning - adult 19, 3cy 3, juvenile 3

Whimbrel 1
Common Sandpiper 1

18:45 - 3.25 hours after high water - beach just about to become exposed.
There were 8 Meds waiting on the stones below sea wall (shame none were ringed). They moved on to water, and by the time they could get on to mud there were - adult 11, 3cy 2, 2cy 1, juvenile 2.
Still none with rings! They seemed to be finding some food, but only at the water's edge, so they followed the tide line.
These are the 2 x 3cy, waiting for the mud to become exposed

So, minimum for the day:
Mediterranean gull- adult 19, 3cy 3, 2cy 1, juvenile 3.