Wednesday 11 September 2019

Meds start feasting

Mediterranean gulls - varrious high water roosts are used on these neap tides, but those roosting on Red Nab today included a green ringed juvenile.
A check of the feeding area between wooden jetty and No.1 outflow at 19:00, found it full of gulls, at least 60 were Mediterranean. Including a yellow ringed juvenile, unfortunately just out of reading range. Meds have been feeding here on sand mason worms all summer, but the pickings have been slim, and mainly in the wetter sections. Today all the gulls were easily catching worms, even the inexperienced juveniles. The worms habits must have changed, presumably briefly showing out of their tube as part of their breeding cycle (MD).

Shag 1 adult or near adult (PM)
Little gull 1 adult

Wheatear 3
Rock pipit 3

Guillemot 1 x1cy just out from Ocean Edge foreshore on rising tide.