Monday 17 June 2013

The early morning delights of Middleton NR

Middleton CES early on till about 0930hrs
Grasshopper Warbler - at least 4 singing males
Reed Warbler - a seemingly unpaired male roaming about singing in the central marsh - eventually caught.  Another unringed male caught in the western marsh
Lesser Redpoll - early morning song flight again - surely nesting this year
Jackdaw - as with the above - a relative novelty at Middleton - flock of 7 roaming about early morning
Skylark - the singing male still on the high part west of the western marsh
Gadwall - male flushed from the pond adjoining the CES site

Timothy Tortrix
At least 30 disturbed early on by walking the paths through the tall fen vegetation

Moth trap at HNR
Shaded Pug made a belated appearance

Heysham Nature reserve and a quick walk around this afternoon.