Wednesday 25 December 2013

Quick early morning walks

Heysham obs
Very little time this morning and Malcolm and I covered different se ruins of coast early on. Had to go and do some survey work at millom to take advantage of weather at exposed site! Was hoping for a sympathy vote mince pie but all I got were stroppy dogs

Heysham one outfall
Little gull - 2 1cy seaward end low tide
Guillemot - 6 in harbour
Rb merg - 4 in harbour

North Harbour Wall 10.15-10.45am
Increased number of Finches but very flighty
Minimum of 60 seen very briefly on ground.
Difficult to see very well due to background sun and how spread out they were.
Still mainly Goldfinch and Linnet but with some Twite and at least one Chaffinch.
Also 2 Adult Med Gulls.