Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mega moth

Heysham Obs
After I risked life and limb emptying the moth trap at Millhouses in driving rain & with twigs and small branches flying overhead (86 moths of 4 species, but not Small Brindled Beauty as yet!), Alan checked the warm sheltered Heysham toilet trap with a very surprising result (the only moth!):

Grey Shoulder Knot - first for SD45 and at least 12km south of the cluster around Silverdale/Warton/Dalton.  The only other area where it ocurs (in small numbers) is around the lower Hindburn/Roeburn oakwoods, but e.g. only 3 records from the abovementioned well-recorded superb site at Millhouses

Woodcock - 1 to rear of reedbed
Twite - 37 on the seed early morning
Little Gull adult outfalls late pm
Kittiwake - 1CY 'out' north wall late morning