Monday 9 October 2023

The "Little pink flowers" have a name!

A very light SW breeze. Low cloud all day. Some heavy mists, particularly over the sea.

Just my stuff from the south shore so far (MD). I had a look at 09:00 and another "look" at 17:00 (look is in inverted commas as for much of the evening I couldn't see anything through the mist)
Pink-footed goose 290 flew north low under the clouds. 09:00.
Shelduck 48 just beyond Red Nab
Wigeon 15 on Red Nab
Little gull 1 first calendar year on No.2 outflow. This is it flying this morning 
In contrast this is it in the evening, and by this time the mist was clearing 
Fortunately, when I was walking back this evening the mist had cleared considerably and I managed this clip of it preening.

Meadow Pipit 14 this morning. Three grounded in the scrub near the lighthouse and the others flying around in all directions. This is one of the grounded birds.

Great Crested Grebe 1 feeding by the water intake in the harbour this morning, no sign of it this evening.
Great Crested Grebe
The gentle rolling waves made interesting patterns of the reflections of the railings 

This Wren wasn't happy with Greenfinch feeding in its saltmarsh territory 

Goldfinch emerging from the evening mist, as was the tall anemometer 

Janet suggested a Stork's-bill for yesterday's flowers.
I've had a look and am satisfied that they are indeed Sea Stork's-bill - Erodium maritimum
So, just  "Little pink flowers" no longer. (MD)