Sunday 28 January 2018

Iceland Gull added to the impressive January list

A 3rd W Iceland Gull was located independently at about 1100hrs from either side of the harbour by Craig Bell on the north side and Malcolm & Tom on the other side.  This remained in the area until at least 1530 when it was on the mudflats next to Red Nab.  Thanks to Craig, Jean, Nick and Malcolm for pics and video

Pics from Craig Bell
Life at the harbour waterfall, including the Iceland Gull (Jean)

Thanks to Nick (top) and Malcolm for these pics at the waterfall

Shag - 2CY around harbour mouth on and off  latterly on the wooden jetty
Chough - seen in the sheep field about 1245hrs as scoped from the Near Naze
Green Sandpiper - again on the eastern fringe of the area by the new transformer on pools alongside bypass just beyond the recycling centre roundabout
NNEW on Brents - no known visit by locals