Monday 28 February 2022

All the regulars on show

SSE fresh wind in the morning swung round more to west in the afternoon. Light showers in the morning, but pretty consistent rain after lunch.

Just my morning check of the south shore so far (MD)
I started at the saltmarsh at high water. Todays 8.45m tide barely reached the saltmarsh, even so it flushed:
Common Snipe 12
Reed Bunting 2
Male Reed Bunting 

Skylark 1 flew in from the north and flitted around the Ocean Edge grass for a while, before moving off south.

An interesting looking "blob" out from the foreshore proved to be a Pink-Footed goose.
Presumably separated from its flock

Pale-bellied Brent goose 30 - it was quiet this morning with no one walking along the sea wall. The Brent stayed over high water, despite only the rocks near to the wall being still exposed. Most are actually between the rocks and the wall on this clip taken from the foreshore.

Wigeon c100
Shelduck 7
Little gull 1 first winter bird was the only bird feeding over No.1 outflow when the tide was still quite high. Later it had been joined by other gulls.
Shag 1 2nd calendar year - it flew into the harbour from the direction of the wooden jetty, again while the tide was still quite high. Presumably it was waiting till the tide was lower to feed on the waterfall, as it settled on one of the adjacent platforms. The young gulls looked like they were sizing up their gape to see if they could manage a whole Shag. The Great Black-Backed on the right looked like it fancied its chances! (Only joking of course....I think. MD)

Rock Pipit 4 (saltmarsh, sea wall and two between lighthouse and waterfall, again no ringed bird)

Hopefully more tomorrow.